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The Upside Newsletter
🔥Upside Chat with Derek Lawrance (USMNT), Jason Han (LAFC/MLS), Athanase Kollias (KINVENT), Kevin Martin (The Quick Board), Quin Sandler (Plantiga) on Athletes' Rehab and Return to Play

🔥Upside Chat with Derek Lawrance (USMNT), Jason Han (LAFC/MLS), Athanase Kollias (KINVENT), Kevin Martin (The Quick Board), Quin Sandler (Plantiga) on Athletes' Rehab and Return to Play

This week we have the honor to interview again a group of sports performance experts focusing on rehab/return to play.

  • Jason Han, Head of Rehabilitation / Team Physical Therapist., LAFC (MLS team).

  • Dr Derek Lawrance, Assistant Athletic Trainer, U.S. Men’s Soccer National Team.

  • Athanase Kollias, CEO of Kinvent, a company that helps sports and rehab professionals assess progress and build engagement and motivation.

  • Quin Sandler, CEO of Plantiga, a smart insole system for analyzing movement in the real world.

  • Kevin Martin, CEO of The Quick Board, which developed a visual training and rehab technology.

📝Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on the following questions/topics:

  • How to manage an athlete's rehab / return to play when managing senior management's expectations.

  • The best tools they have seen teams use for athletes' return to play and recovery.

  • The things not to do during an athlete's rehabilitation.

  • If they have been using neurocognitive interventions and/or tests in their rehab protocols, and which ones and when they were introduced.

  • During later stages of rehab, if athletes should perform a portion of their rehab session in a fatigued state.

  • If return to sport testing should be conducted in rested and fatigue states.


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