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⭐Upside Chat with Dr Scott Sherr, Co-founder and CMO of OneBase Health, and Jason Han, Head of Rehabilitation (LAFC / MLS), On Hyperbaric Medicine

⭐Upside Chat with Dr Scott Sherr, Co-founder and CMO of OneBase Health, and Jason Han, Head of Rehabilitation (LAFC / MLS), On Hyperbaric Medicine

Today we have the honor of interviewing again Jason Han the head of rehabilitation for the LAFC, a top MLS team. Jason is joined by Dr. Scott Sherr, an hyperbaric medicine doctor and co founder and Chief Medical Officer of OneBase Health.

Founded in 2020, OneBase Health helps high performing individuals recover faster in the convenience of their homes with our easy to use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Chambers.

Simply put, hyperbaric therapy can help athletes increase oxygen carrying capacity, treat infections and regenerate and recover faster if they have injuries. In general, in the data sets, the recovery time can be anywhere between 20% to 70% faster and on average about 50% faster, depending on the situation, the type of surgery, the type of hyperbaric chamber. It's not uncommon for people to cut their rehab time in about half, according to Dr Scott Sherr.

Picture: OneBase Health hyperbaric chambers

OneBase Health also built a mobile app that can be used with the OneBase Health chambers:

Picture: OneBase Health mobile app

Here is a video showcasing Dr Scott Sherr where he explains how to use OneBase Health hyperbaric chamber:

Here is a video interview of Dr Scott Sherr further explaining the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

OneBase Health products are trusted and used by players of the US Olympics, the US Soccer Federation, LAFC (MLS), New England Revolutions (MLS), the PGA Tour, and the USAT

📝Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on OneBase Health and its products. We also discussed the benefits for sports organizations and athletes to use their product. Jason Han also shared his feedback on OneBase Health, how he uses it and what he likes about it. Lastly we talked about OneBase Health’s competitive advantage and plans for the next 12 months.

Best Quotes: Here’s some of the key discussion points and best quotes from our conversation with Dr Scott Sherr and Jason Han:

  • On what hyperbaric therapy is and how it works:

    • Dr Scott Sherr:

      • “So hyperbaric therapy is super simple. It's just a combination of increased oxygen and increased atmospheric pressure combined in a chamber. So most of us know what oxygen is. It is really important for energy metabolism, making energy, something called ATP in the system. And so if we don't have oxygen, we don't do very well”.

      • “And so there's only a couple of ways to increase the amount of oxygen in circulation. And this is what athletes care about. It's oxygen carrying capacity, how long you can carry oxygen and continue to maintain your workload”.

      • “And so once you stop having enough oxygen, you hit your wall, you start getting lactic acid production, and you stop being able to do what you're going to do. So you can increase the amount of oxygen in circulation a couple of different ways. The most common way is to go altitude training.

      • “You get more red blood cells and red blood cells are what carry oxygen, but in a hyperbaric chamber, we can increase oxygen a different way because we're increasing the amount of atmospheric pressure that your whole body is under. And so pressure is what we describe as a certain amount of seawater pressure because if you're under a certain amount of seawater, water is very heavy and it's that heaviness that we can simulate in the chamber”.

      • “And as a result of that heaviness, it changes your physiology and allows more oxygen to get not only onto those red blood cells, but into the plasma, which is your liquid of your bloodstream. So the combination increases the amount of oxygen circulation anywhere between 200% to 2000% depending on the amount of oxygen and the amount of pressure that you use”.

  • On how hyperbaric therapy can help athletes increase blood cells, treats infections and regenerate and recover faster if they have injuries:

    • Dr Scott Sherr:

      • “Over the long term, what hyperbaric therapy can do is actually help shift the expression of your genetic code, your DNA. This helps your body create new blood vessels in areas. It helps with stem cell release, which are the baby cells that can create new cells”.

      • “It helps with all the different types of tissues that are required for healing and for regeneration. And it also treats infections, and a number of other things too. So high level what hyperbaric therapy is really doing is optimizing your body's function and then helping you regenerate and recover faster if you have an injury”.

  • On how Jason Han ended up adopting OneBase Health at LAFC and how he believes it played a key role in their 2022 MLS Cup win:

    • Jason Han:

      • “For the last two years, I introduced OneBase Health to LAFC. We ended up renting one towards the end of our 2022 season when we won the MLS Cup. The premise was that we had a lot of games and we needed to increase recovery time. We had some older players. So we rented a unit and I feel that it was one part of our recovery strategy that worked towards our MLS cup win”.

  • On how LAFC uses OneBase Health and his players typically use the chambers:

    • Jason Han:

      • “It's getting the buy in from certain athletes. And certain athletes will fit the mold of it because ideally you're in the chamber for at least 60 minutes. So it's really showing them the importance and what it can do. You are not going to see an immediate effect where you're going in just one time and you're not going to feel dramatically different. You have to do it a couple of times and consistency matters to get a positive result.”.

      • “We've given the keys to the kingdom for certain athletes that like to stay afterwards or if they come in on off days. We teach them how to get in and out themselves. Personally, here at LAFC we have a mono-place, soft chamber where our players are able to bring their phones or simple in there which helps so they can just relax”. 

  • On how OneBase Health has helped LAFC fasten the healing process of their players post surgery:

    • Jason Han:

      • “It's been amazing as far as pre & post surgery cases. Dr Scott taught me that if we know that an athlete is going to have a surgery, we do 5 to 10 sessions before the surgery to hyper-oxygenate them. So when you do the surgery, that healing happens so much faster”.

      • “Looking at recovery times with surgeries during my early years with LAFC and compared to now when having the hyperbaric chamber, for the same surgery but different athletes. Tissue healing time and wound healing is so much faster when they're in the hyperbaric environment”.

    • Dr Scott Sherr:

      • “In general, in the data sets, and then in my clinical practice, the recovery time can be anywhere between 20% to 70% faster and on average about 50% faster, depending on the situation, the type of surgery, the type of hyperbaric chamber. There are lots of other dependent factors, of course, but it's not uncommon for people to cut their rehab time in about half”.

  • On the fact that LAFC players would use OneBase Health chambers 5 to 6 times per week during the MLS season and the fact that LAFC has a 100% availability at MLS Cup Final last year which was unheard of in the MLS:

    • Jason Han:

      • “Ideally we use OneBase Health chambers every day that we're in-house, which is anywhere between 5 and 6 days a week. But that's ideal. I like to say that we use it a minimum of 3 days per week depending on the athlete, but I'm sure that Dr Scott will agree. It's like 5 to 6 times per week, at least to start, especially if they have a new injury”.

      • “If you look at our availability for MLS cup last year, at the end of 2023, we had a 100% availability. That’s unheard, especially with the amount of games that we had last year. I think we had the MLS record for amount of games in a season. I'm not saying that it's just hyperbaric, but I truly feel that it played a part in the whole scheme of things, in addition to our great staff, clinicians and athletes, but it was definitely a part of it”.

  • On where Jason Han sees the role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the world of professional sports and professional rehabilitation and performance maximization:

    • Jason Han:

      • “As a physio myself and for a lot of other physios, we really rely on our manual therapy and exercise. But we are in a sports environment where we need to get them better faster. I think that hyperbaric therapy is a great adjunct to heal from the inside out”. 

      • “This is another level when you combine it with proper nutrition and education, the stuff that Dr. Sherr's whole realm of medical knowledge goes into”. 

      • “It really gives the individual a better chance of success, creates a better environment for the body to heal, regenerate and to get the most out of their individual potential. So I think it's a great adjunct. It's not the end be all. But if you combine it with western strategies your results are pretty good”.

  • On OneBase Health’s ecosystem of products (mobile app, chambers..):

    • Dr Scott Sherr:

      • I've been involved in many other technologies for many years and a whole ecosystem is what we really wanted to create at OneBase Health”.

      • “We have a phone application that is nascent now, but it has built in protocols for hyperbaric therapy, for things like jet lag and hangovers and immune system function. And that's going to get continued to be built out. But the key with those kinds of protocols is not just the hyperbaric protocol. We're also talking about things you can do before, during and after”.

      • “And that's not going to be as hyperbaric centric going forward where we're going to have what is your light therapy protocol or what is your sauna therapy protocol or whatever it might be and integrating the other technology that you have and other practices that you're having. So it's going to be an it's an education platform. It's an education ecosystem”.

      • “And then as Jason was mentioning as well. it's also going to be data driven. So looking at a bidirectional flow of data where you're getting data from the chamber itself, but you're also giving data to the chamber itself so that it can help you optimize your protocols and what you're going to be doing over the long term. So it's it's going to be smart. Just like your phone is now your smartphone. You're gonna have smart technologies and smart ways of integrating things together”.

  • On the best way to contact OneBase Health:

    • Dr Scott Sherr:

      • “So right now, the easiest way is to go to, our website. You can take a look at the chambers that we have available. And you can also see that there is the phone application that's included with your purchase”.

      • “And then also we're going to have new tech and other technologies that are going to be on there soon that will also be part of that same ecosystem as well. And so the best way is to sign up on our email list. We have an email list on our website. If you're interested in learning more about how our company evolves”.

      • “We'll also have a free version of the app that's also available for people to download. If they're interested, they just need to send us their information on our website and we can get them something to play around with to get a feel for the ecosystem that we're developing. So those are the places to go right now”.

  • On OneBase Health’s plan for the next 12 months:

    • Dr Scott Sherr:

      • “We're going to be making it a lot smarter so that it's going to be able to do that bi directional flow that I was describing where you have the ability for the chambers to work and you get an idea of what's happening inside the chambers and vice versa, where your data itself is getting pulled and understanding what kinds of protocols and integrations will be helpful for you. So I'm very excited about that piece”.

      • And then we're also going to be looking into new technologies and to make the ecosystem larger with more collaborations with other companies and other programs”.


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