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⭐Upside VC Profile: MLS Innovation Lab & Chat with Chris Schlosser, SVP of Emerging Ventures (MLS)

⭐Upside VC Profile: MLS Innovation Lab & Chat with Chris Schlosser, SVP of Emerging Ventures (MLS)

Accelerator name: MLS Innovation Lab


Sectors: Sports, Entertainment & Fitness 

VC type: Accelerator, Venture Capital

Here is the list of the sports tech startups selected by the MLS Innovation Lab:

  • Reeplayer: Premium AI camera empowering teams and organizations to automatically record, live stream, share, and monetize soccer footage.

  • Fabric: Gamified mixed reality fan experiences at live events that drives fan loyalty through rewards (US).

  • Fitogether: A FIFA Preferred Provider for Wearable Player Tracking, validated as the most accurate solution with centimeter-level data accuracy. The technology utilizes GPS to track on-field performance through a video hybrid system, catering to professional and academy levels. (South Korea).

  • STAIDIUM U.S.: AI-powered and 5G-enabled camera with an OTT platform that delivers live broadcasts, highlights, and advanced game and player analytics (U.S.).

  • A-Champs: Cognitive and technical training system for athletes of all skill levels (Barcelona, Spain).

  • CAMB.AI: AI dubbing platform that instantaneously translates content into any language, all while maintaining the native speakers voice and tone, bringing any type of content, any game alive, in any language. 

Description of the MLS Innovation Lab: MLS Innovation Lab is an annual program designed to identify and incubate the next generation of sports tech companies. MLS Innovation Lab gives companies the chance to test their products in real-world environments throughout the MLS ecosystem.

Following the conclusion of all testing opportunities, members of the cohort will be selected to present to MLS executives and owners with the promising companies having the potential to earn long-term strategic partnerships and investment opportunities from the League.

This week, we interviewed Chris Schlosser, Senior Vice President of Emerging Ventures at MLS. We discussed his background and role at the MLS. Then we discussed the mission and goals of the MLS Innovation Lab in 2024, as well as the startups that got selected as part of the first cohort of the MLS Innovation lab. We also touched on the important factors that he is looking for when selecting startups. Lastly we discussed the most promising areas of sports tech that he sees in the sports tech sector.


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